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A crown is commonly called a cap, it covers, or replaces, that part of the tooth seen in the mouth. A crown is done when a tooth is badly decayed or chipped anddiscoloured or mis-shaped.

The tooth is trimmed to make space for the final crown. Moulds are then taken of this tooth for a custom-made crown to be made in the laboratory according to your dentist's instructions. When the crown is ready, it is slipped over the tooth and firmly cemented in place.

Depending on the materials used, the complexity of the case and the skilSingapore Dentistsl of the dentist, a crown could cost about $500-$900. Full porcelain and gold-based crowns are more expensive. Crowns made of non-precious metals are cheaper but less attractive.

Normal eating habits with the usual diet are fine & do not jeopardize the crowns. However, it is definitely not advisable to chew on or crack bones or shells with these crowns as the chances of fracturing the porcelain are high. Crowns on the front teeth are only as strong as your natural teeth at most, and what may be hazardous to your own teeth would definitely be harmful to the crowns.