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Dental Check- Ups

We are always advice to go for dental check up more often and definately not visit the dentist when we are in pain! As many dental problems progress slowly, without even any signs, early diagonise of dental problems will allow you to accept treatment and prevent problems from even occuring. Regular Check Ups will sure maintain your teeth healthy.Singapore Dentists

During your dental Check- Ups, dentist will:

  • check your teeth if there are such things as cracks, wear, decay and faulty fillings.
  • check your gums, to see if they have a healthy colour and shape. If they bleed, that is a sure sign of disease!
  • check your bones, cheeks, tongue, palate and other parts of the mouth and fact for any unusual swellings or surface changes.

You might even be required to take a dental X-ray, as X-rays are very helpful in showing hidden problems within the gums!

Your dentist will then explain to you what has been seen in your mouth and if you have healthy teeth, you are required to maintain them. However, if there is a problem discovered, do not hesitate and seek treatment. Dentists will also advice you in your eating habits and correct way to clean your teeth.