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A denture is known as false teeth as it replaces missing natural teeth. It can be made of plastic or a combination of metal & plastic. It can be taken in and out of the mouth by the wearer. Dentures helps you to speak better, look better and eat better.

Dentures are made of entirely of plastic are cheaper but not always better. Dentures that replace all teeth are usually made entirely of plastic.

Dentures made of Cobalt Chromium are stronger and last longer. Cobalt chromium, a hard, strong metal which does not rust or change shape. this material allows the dentist to design the denture better. Cobalt Chromium dentures cost more than the plastic ones but are a good investment.

There is also a need to care for your dentures. The following are the best way to take care of your dentures:

  1. Take it out of the mouth to brush and rinse them after each meal.
  2. Clean it thoroughly by brushing and soak it in denture cleaner at least once a day. Clean with soap and water. Brush gently, Preferably with a denture brush.
  3. Some commercial denture cleansers may tarnish metal. Do consult your dentist as to which cleaners are suitable.
  4. Soak dentures in a glass of clean water at all times when not using it so that the dentures will not distort, i.e. change shape.
  5. Do not attempt to alter your own dentures.